Legislative Lottery Scholarship

New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship

The Legislative Lottery Scholarship helps offset tuition for any New Mexico high school graduate (or GED recipient) who wants to attend a New Mexico public college or university.

How much is the award?

The scholarship may pay up to 100% of tuition depending on the availability of funding.

Who is eligible?

Students must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for an award:

  • Must be a New Mexico Resident.
  • Must have graduated from a New Mexico public high school, an accredited New Mexico private high school, or have obtained a New Mexico GED.
  • Must be enrolled full-time and complete 12 credit hours, at an eligible New Mexico public college or university, in the regular semester immediately following their high school graduation.
  • Must obtain a 2.5 GPA during their first college semester.

Eligible students do not begin receiving the award until their second semester of full-time enrollment, provided that all eligibility requirements have been met. Based upon their satisfactory academic progress and other factors, a student may be eligible for up to eight consecutive semesters of support.

How do I apply?

Apply through the Financial Aid Office of any New Mexico public post secondary institution.

When is the deadline?

Deadlines vary according to institution.

For more information contact:

The Higher Education Department
1-800-279-9777 or visit http://www.hed.state.nm.us/