Cosigners for Student Loans

An investment in the future

Without an established credit history most students will need a cosigner to be approved for a private student loan. Federal student loans do not require a cosigner. Once all other forms of financial aid is exhausted a credit-worthy cosigner most likely will be necessary to qualify for private student loans.

Top 4 Reasons to Cosign a Student Loan

  1. Investment in your student’s future 
    Obtaining a higher education degree enables students to be qualified for competitive high-paying jobs and make more money than non-degree professionals.
  2. Help your student build credit
    Making loan repayments on time is an excellent way for the student to establish and demonstrate a good credit history.
  3. Lower loan interest rates
    Student loans with cosigners may qualify for lower interest rates than without a cosigner.
  4. Help your student complete their education
    Some students have a hard time finding the funds to complete their education. By cosigning a student loan you are ensuring the student has the financial means necessary to graduate.

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Additional information for cosigners

  • Cosigners are 100% equally responsible for repaying the loan
    If the student is unable to repay the loan, the cosigner is equally responsible for repayments.
  • Cosigning a loan will raise your debt-to-income ratio
    This will show up on your credit report and could adversely affect your ability to take out additional loans.
  • It’s important to diligently monitor the loan payments of your student.
    Log in to the student loan payment portal to monitor that all payments are made on time.
  • Explore all loan repayment options
    You signed up for a specific repayment option, if there is trouble making payments contact us immediately.
  • Loan discharged for student death or permanent disability
    In the event of the death or permanent disability of the student the NMEAF Private Student loan will be discharged and you will be released.
  • Make sure the student has exhausted all forms of federal financial aid.
    This is the very best option for student loans with the lowest rates and terms and does not require a cosigner.
  • Has the student applied for scholarship and grant opportunities?
    A wide variety of opportunities are available to explore, offer to help your student research and complete scholarship and grant applications.
  • Only borrow what is absolutely needed to pay for school tuition and expenses.
    Private student loans are a last-resort and should only be used to cover necessary school expenses. Check with your school’s tuition calculator to see what they say is the total estimated expenses per semester.