Get Free Money for College

Scholarships and grants are a great way to pay for school that you don’t need to repay or work for. That’s why they’re often called “gift aid.” There is a wide variety of scholarships and grants for students to cover part or all of your tuition.

Scholarships are offered by many different schools, groups and organizations. They are offered for all kinds of achievements—and to all kinds of students. Scholarships are usually competitive, with eligible applicants competing for a limited number of awards. But remember, you’re only competing against others who actually apply.

Grants are typically awarded based on financial need, taking into consideration a family’s income and assets. There are many different grants available—including state grants, federal grants, and grants given out directly by your school.


Looking for New Mexico Scholarships and Grants?

Here’s a list of resources to find scholarships and grants for New Mexico organizations, colleges and universities. 


The Legislative Lottery Scholarship helps offset tuition for New Mexico high school graduates (or GED recipients) who want to attend a New Mexico public college or university.

The lottery scholarship amount is the same for all students. The amount of the Lottery Scholarship is set annually by the New Mexico Higher Education Department and can only be applied to tuition. Students are responsible for additional unpaid tuition and fees.

Eligible students do not begin receiving the award until their second semester of full-time enrollment, provided that all eligibility requirements have been met.

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​Top 5 red flags that the scholarship is a scam

  1. Application or Search Fees – Avoid scholarships that charge an application fee, the vast majority of scholarships do not cost money.
  2. Disbursement or Redemption Fees- Scholarships should not ask you to pay a fee before you receive the funds.
  3. Guaranteed Scholarships – Beware of scholarship matching services that guarantee you’ll win a scholarship and require a fee for the search.
  4. Credit Card or Bank Account Number – never give out this information to apply for or hold the scholarship.
  5. Unclaimed Scholarships – Very few actual scholarships go unclaimed and the majority of all financial aid comes from the federal government and colleges. 

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