Special Financial Aid Programs

 Financial Aid Options for Specific Careers 

There are special options for federal student financial aid for specific populations. Students who are going into the health field, military, and teachers all have special individual programs and scholarships to help fund higher education.


Teachers make a huge impact on society. Making a difference in the lives of students is a noble calling. There are numerous special financial aid teacher programs, grants, and scholarships to encourage students to pursue a career in education. Here are some links to resources for teachers of special programs to pay for college.

New Mexico Teacher Scholarships

Federal Government TEACH Grant

Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grants help students pay for college to pursue teaching careers. Teachers must agree to teach full-time for four years in a school that serves students from low-income families in a high-need field.

National Teacher Scholarships

Healthcare Workers

There are multiple New Mexico financial aid resources, incentives, grants, and nursing scholarships for students entering medical fields and healthcare professions.

Health Care and Nursing Scholarships

Apply to get free money to pay for college for health care professional degrees with our health professions student loans.


Military Service Members

Your service to our country can help you pay for school.

The federal government and many different organizations have a variety of scholarships, military grants for college education, and financial aid benefits available for military personnel, veterans, and those on active duty. Here’s a list of resources for military service members on how to pay for college.